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8 Finance Street, Hong Kong

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F: +852 3010-1795
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Services include:

•    Risk Assessments
•    Litigation Support
•    Enhanced Due Diligence Services into corporations and potential business associates
•    Drafting AML Policies & Procedures and related Staff Training
•    Corporate monitoring
•    Strategic business intelligence
•    Fraud, anti-corruption and extortion incident response
•    Forensic engineering for damage assesment
•    Criminal analysis including geographic crime profiling and data visualisation of complex relationships

We work for a wide spectrum of banks and other financial institutions, securities brokers, investment firms, and venture capitalists, the insurance industry, law firms, accountancy firms, company Incorporation agents, money services businesses, as well as government bodies and others, across the Asia-Pacific region.


Pacific Risk collaborates with specialist organisations around the world. Some of these are listed below.


Pacific Risk collaborates with ScamHelp on selected high value cases.

ScamHelp is a professional fund recovery firm based in the Netherlands. ScamHelp offer a variety of services including comprehensive chargeback dispute resolution, authorised push payment fraud prevention, anti-fraud consulting, etc. ScamHelp's dedicated team of associates in specialist fields; IT forensic analysts, bank fraud specialists, have vast working knowledge in online trading scams and other types of fraud. ScamHelp assists clients all over the world to submit disputes against fraudulent entities, this helps clients recover funds and return stolen wealth to its rightful owners.

It does not matter how exactly the funds were taken away from you, but in case it was done in a fraudulent manner, ScamHelp is here to help. Depending on the case, they provide clients with high-end tailor-made solutions dealing with all classifications of financial fraud to help regain lost assets.

"You have only one chance to dispute the transaction, so it is important your case is analysed in a professional manner." This will help determine where and how exactly your consumer rights were breached. Different types of service, forms of payment, or legislation require a different approach. ScamHelp operates globally, this allows their specialists to stay up to date with the latest banking regulations, government-issued charters, and best industry practices. With one goal in mind, to create a funds recovery strategy fully aligned with relevant local jurisdictions.

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